The latest version of analyser provides English mode. If you want to use the analyser in English mode,
make an empty file "eng.txt" in the directory "ini", and execute the analyser.

(The following are for old version of analyser.)

I provide a simple manual here.
This table contains most messages shown in the analyser,
and tells you their meaning in English.
If I have much more time, I want to write more decent manual of jubeat_analyser
for English users, but I don't have...

I hope you enjoy using jubeat_analyser!

[simple manual of jubeat_analyser (110820ver.)]

========================[The First Window]========================
Enter			open .txt file

========================[Wide Window]========================
p			play current file
Enter			open .txt file
r			reload current file
e			open current file with text editor
s			save as .txt (one-column format / jubeat_memo format (= two-column format) )

(The commands below are not important.)
Left/Right arrow    	move
Up/Down arrow		zoom
Ctrl			set beats
Click (on chips)    	show timing info
Right-click (on chips)	select a chip
Esc			unselect a chip

========================[Player Window]========================
Ctrl			show/hide options
Space			resume/pause (pause can be disabled in options)
Left-arrow		rewind
Click (on seekbar) 	seek
Esc			quit
4, 5, ... , n, m    	touch!
(You can change key settings in ./ini/keycode.txt)
(And you can also use a joypad as input device. Further explanation is 
available at ./ini/keycodeą–¾.txt (in Japanese, sorry. ))

Repeat (checkbox)
Panel arrangement:   	original
			use arrangement customization
			random in each column
			random in each row
Arrangement customization (button)
Rearrange (button)
Auto-rearrange when rewinding (checkbox)
Warn marker overlap with yellow number (checkbox)
Draw titlebar message at top of the screen (checkbox)
Show judgment:		with time difference [milliseconds]
			with animations
Show combos at center of the screen (checkbox)
Auto-playing (Please rewind after checking here.) (checkbox)

Handclap (checkbox)
Draw markers:		with color-addition
			with transparent-black-dots
			with just copying
			with color-subtraction
Background:		jubeat-like (shutter + default background color)
			ripples-like (toruses + selected background color)
			knit-like (shutter + selected background color)
Select background color	(button)
Show musicbars:		none
			up to 8
			up to more than 8
Background beating (checkbox)
Disable pause (checkbox)
Show environment settings window (button)

Minimal Marker Interval: 1054 milliseconds
(27936 ms, Panel 1)
Current fps: 62

((If MMI is too short, there must be some overlaps of markers.))
((And the creators of the original game seem to keep MMI larger than 1000 ms.))

Marker span (second between appearance and vanishing): [0.833333]
Playing speed (normal:1000): [1000] 
  (Please pause and resume after entering the value of playing speed.)
Time lag adjustment: [0]ms (delay markers)

Output frames in .jpg format ([25] frames per second)
Total file size (estimate): 135 MB
Output frames from current time position (checkbox)

========================[Environment Settings Window]========================
(Not yet. Sorry.)
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